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The Naked Stylist

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the-naked-styist-image2Karen Blee  is a successful entrepreneur, highly sought after personal stylist, and experienced author. Her Book The Naked Stylist, Karen Blee shares with woman on how to connect to what you love and what compeled her to write her book.

CW: Why did you feel compelled to write the book?

Karen Blee: There is so much misinformation about women’s
bodies and physical appearance in the media.  I felt I had a unique view point, having spent many hours working
with women in various work roles that allowed me to ask and
get their genuine feedback on how women felt about their
appearance but more importantly I had the opportunity to
observe how women had absorbed this information in such
negative ways that just broke down their own sense of value
while promoting the impression of perfection.
Perfection is not real and is unobtainable!

CW:What’s the most important thing you want readers to take away from this book?
Karen Blee: That all women are unique and attractive.  We are our most attractive when we are being ourselves by practicing self awareness, self care and self belief.
Confidence allows us to be true to what brings us joy and peace into our lives.

CW: How has this book changed your life?
Karen Blee: Writing the book tested my confidence.  Did I
really know how to help others?  Did other women really
want to be helped?  This book hasn’t changed my
life but it has enhanced it enormously … I have met even
more amazing and interesting women (and men) and it has
expanded my view of the world which I am enjoying

CW:What’s advice would you give for aspiring authors?

Karen Blee:You know more than you realise.  Read more.
Have a variety of people read your work but don’t
listen to them all.


Kareen Blee

CW: What’s next for you?

Karen Blee: Getting fitter, so I have a more energy!
Reading! Expanding my content and exposure so that
more women have access to what I know that will help the
feel fabulous about themselves!

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