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Greg Riley the One

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greg-riley1CW:How old were you when you discovered your gift?

GR:About 19/20 I realised it but then knew i had always had it.

CW:How did you discover them? (Your gift).

GR:After being brought up catholic al my life i did not really believe in the whole heaven and hell stuff.  By the age of 19 I’d pretty much broken all of the 10 commandments but I had this yearning to know about life after death so i consumed ideas about this like a sponge.  i did not do this to actually read for people , this all started because I wanted to know about me and my life and to be a better person.  I guess I first knew about it when I was doing a tarot course (in my suit by the way) and on the second night I read for a guy and told him that his dad had passed, were he lived and what the house looked like.  The in that moment I saw what healing could happen from this


CW:How do these abilities effect your life?  For a long time I kept it secret.  I felt i could not tell people because of what they would say.

GR:The best part about being on this journey you soon learn to do what you like and forget about what others think.


CW:In 2011 you were voted Australia’s most gifted Psychic on channel 7 the ‘One’ – how did that come about ?

GR:My ex-wife found an add for it on star now.  She said I should try out for it.  It was really by accident, I was watching the footy.

CW:What’s next for you?

GR:Well there are a few things.  I’ve understood that trying to change the world 1 client at a time is too hard and i want to help change the lives of the masses.  Next up is my life between lives accreditation with the newton institute but what I really want to do is help men.  Men are not taught to embrace this life.  The biggest killer of men between 30 and 65 is suicide.  I want to help fix this.  I want to do retreats for men and also I want ti do a doc based on my book about the illusion of this world.  I know I’m hear to do something that shifts peoples lives.  Next up though is to get a doc sorted……oh and complete mu pilots licence 🙂


CW:-Whats your Moto in life?



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