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Natalie Heslop Actress

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Natalie Heslop

Natalie Heslop TVC Belvita Breakfast Biscuit

You might recongnise Natalie Heslop in the Belvita Biscuit Campaign, however the road to success has been a journey of discovery.



CW:When did you first know you wanted to become an Actor?

NH:When I took a short course in acting to camera purely for confidence building I soon realised I enjoyed performing and being vulnerable to an audience, I found it creative and empowering.


CW:What was your first role?

NH: My first role was in Dream of a Shadow as a Mystic Palm Reader followed by a support role in a short film called Pride.

I Portrait

Natalie Heslop and Director Nathan Hil


CW:What has been your favourite role so far?

NH:A lead role being Carmen McKenna in  a soon to be released psychological thriller, independent, feature film called I, Portrait directed by Nathan Hill.

I hold the character of Carmen McKenna dear to me as I helped inspire this role through the unique ability and gift I have which is revealed in the film.


CW:Besides acting, what other training have you had (voice,dance,stage etc)?

NH:From the age of 6 I was forced by my mother to dance Serbian folklore weekly up until the age of 16! I have always enjoyed dancing however, and the cultural influence still stays with me, I particularly enjoy Latin Dancing. I was encouraged to take keyboard and piano lessons, I didn’t get far due to my lack of interest however I appreciate now having some understanding of reading musical scripts I also enjoyed singing (alto to soprano range)  in a choir throughout high school.

Throughout my childhood to the end of VCE, art was my constant interest. I was acknowledged for my love of colour and using different materials as a kid in primary school.  My interest shifted to an obsession with the female form resulting in using this interest as my focus for my VCE Art Folio.

In terms of performing, I acknowledge my performances in several community musicals for cementing my foundation in acting.  My experience in this platform helped strengthen my acting on stage and to find my voice and as the musicals were evangelistic I found a greater depth I could appreciate spiritually in the play.

I also gained experience in comedic timing and in using an accent in a role I played as Renee Bernard, a French model in a theatre play called, “Mind Your Manners”.  That role would have to be my favourite theatre character played so far. To generate instant results with laughter from the audience and then hear feedback after the show was unbeatable.


CW:What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an Actor?

NH:To be upfront with questions, expectations and to not be afraid to take risks, throw in a line, put yourself out more when opportunity presents itself. Sometimes the director can benefit from your ideas if the circumstances are favourable.





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