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Spyros A. Cheliotis – Some things in life are luck and fate

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Spyros A.CheliotisChristina`s Way recently had the opportunity to speak with actor/ producer and writer Spyros A. Cheliotis about how luck and fate played a large role in making his passion of entertainment as an art form into reality.


CW: When did you first know you wanted to become an actor/ producer?

SAC: Some things in this life are luck and fate. From my early years I used to write scripts, poems, songs, and as I said luck and fate gave me the chance to do what I love. My mother used to say to me that I have to become a lawyer or an actor because of my imagination and because it was easy for me to act a lie and make it believable. (Loll)


CW: How do you prepare for a role?

SAC: Every time, it depends on the director, and the script. Everyone watching a film or a play in theatre or on TV thinks that its easy to act, and they have an opinion about it, but there are so many factors when playing a part of an actor, you have to forget your personal problems and become someone else for as long as the shooting last, and after wrapping, you have to become you again. I read the script and I try to find the psychology of the character and I add my own ways to it.


CW: How do you earn a living and sustain a career doing what you love?

SAC: If you start doing art for money you’ve lost the plot. Art is something different. It’s a privilege and a blessing to do what you love and get paid for that. Artists around the world and especially in Greece where I m based and reside, are forced to do other things to be able to live properly, so most of them are doing the ‘job’ as a part time. For me to be able to choose my roles and not be forced to do things I don’t like just for the money is success. To do art as you love is a payment on its own.


Spyros A. CheliotisCW: What is your greatest achievement till date?

SAC: My achievement are all my awards that I won with my art. (Loll again). Well I won awards but it does not matter. Well the greatest achievement till date is my life. I have to make a movie about it. If i tell one thing I will underestimate something and I don’t want to.


CW: Can you tell us more about your upcoming project(s)?

SAC: As an actor I’ve finishing my 4th movie now called “Badness” and I’ve got a part in a British production series called. ‘Where’s the ops’. As a producer and a writer for this, I think that my time came to be involved for the first time with theatre .I finished writing a play which will be up on late October this year in Athens, no name yet. I have two more movies coming up but I don’t want to say much about them yet.


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